About Us

BSAsweepers Srl is a young company which inherits and exploits know-how coming from decades of experience manufacturing something like 60 sweeping machines that are at work in different parts of Italy.

At the end of 2014 the company becomes part of an Italian small business group and starts working to expand its presence in the market of road sweepers at national and European level but also on the broader international sweepers market.

We are a company that wants to combine tradition and craftsmanship with technological innovation and international vision; we strongly believe in each of these values and the importance to combine them all to offer quality and reliable products, continuously improved.

BSAsweepers, a small company with great aspirations.

Personalized Approach

Starting from essential technical requirements and a proposed standard of the assembling, each sweeper can be configured considering possible choices and/or modifications to make it more responding to specific needs and to customer preferences. Thus, additional or higher features which are not included in the basic design can be elaborated together according to the destination of use - considering chiefly the kind of debris to be collected and the geographical place of work, secondly other particular characteristics that can be met - reaching the best possible performance.

Passion and Expertise 

The quality of components, the solid structure, the engineering and the accurate craftmanship make our vehicles simple in the operator guidance and in maintenance. We study every detail to let the work of others be easier. We are passionate in allowing customers reach very satisfying results and save time & costs.

Pulse to innovation

We care about the end user satisfaction over time. We would like to meet stakeholders' expectations and perhaps more, overcoming the business as usual. It’s not an easy task. Both the present and the future are important for us, thus we commit to reach high levels of efficacy and efficiency, we believe in getting wider sustainable aims through adaptation and innovation so we keep working on forward-thinking solutions.